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Forced Order
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RNA that can be directly translated to protein
viral infection cycle for virulent viruses
round bacteria
bacterial cell wall is composed of
a type of asexual bacterial reporduction
movement of a compound against its electrochemical gradient requires
capable of using CO2 as their sole source of carbon
when a bacteriophage mistakenly encapsulates a DNA fragment of the host cell
proteins that are situated entirely on the surfaces of the membrane
use preformed organic molecules as their source of carbon
pressure pulling in for cells
means living off dead organic matter
diffusion with transport proteins down an electrochemical gradient
genetic recombination in bacteria
Bacterial flagella are made of
proteins that traverse the membrane from the inside of the cell to the outside
process by which bacteria may incorporate DNA from their external environment into their genome
when amphipathic molecules spontaneously aggregate,turning their polar ends toward the solution, and their nonpolar ends toward each other
rod shaped bacteria
Protein coat of a virus
a virus in the lysogenic phase
pressure pushing out in cells
use light as energy source
period from infection to lysis
enzyme that creates DNA from RNA
Thick walled, purple when stained
helically shaped bacteria
helically shaped rigid bacteria
Thin walled, pink when gram stained
use oxidation of matter for energy

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