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excised from primary transcript by spliceosome
order of female gamete production
DNA replication is semi-
a sequence of DNA nucleotides that designates a beginning point of transcription
crossing over occurs in
female oocyte that receives less cytosol and degenerates
technique used to identify particular protein
Amino acids are attached in the ribosomal translation complex at the
What enzyme unwinds DNA
a protective post-transcriptional modification at the 5' end
tRNA enters the ribosomal translation complex at the
a nongrowing state distinct from interphase
a protective post-transcriptional modification at the 3' end
chromatin that can be uncoiled and transcribed
point where two chromosomes are attached creating an X shape
Fast way to clone DNA
order of male gamete production
post-transcriptional modifications only occur in the
technique used to identify target fragments of RNA
comprises mRNA strand when it ultimately codes for protein
rRNA is made in the
sections of DNA thatarenotinuse are wrapped tightly around globular proteins called
stop codons
The tRNA exits the ribosomal translation complex at the
addition of sugars, lipids, or phosphate groups to amino happens in
a sequenceof bacterial DNA containing an operator, a promoter,and related genes
Only the _______ strand of DNA double helix is transcribed
If during either anaphase of meiosis the centromere of an chromosome does not split
base-pair mutation that does not change amino acid
What does DNA polymerase require to get started
mutation resulting in a stop codon
a base-pair mutation that occurs in the amino acid coding sequence of a gene
start codon
What moves alongthelaggoin strand and ties Okazaki fragments together
Repeated six nucleotide units that protect the chromosomes from being eroded
technique used to identify target fragments of DNA

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