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Madison's _________ resolution of 1798 brought up nullification as a response to the previous acts.
After Madison's election in 1808, the '_______', including Henry Clay, insisted on declaring war with Britain.
In the last days of Jefferson's presidency, the _______ act passes, preventing trade with Britain or France.
Madison wants to continue Jefferson's policy of dismantling the ___________.
Madison also tries to get Great Britain to repeal the _________, which banned trade with 'France and its allies.'
The native chief ______ tries to unite Native Americans against American expansion in the valley.
William H. Harrison decisively defeats Tecumseh and Tenskawata at The Battle of ____________.
Madison appoints _________ leader of American military in Louisiana, despite his involvement in the Burr Conspiracy.
For his first term, Madison appoints ________ as the Secretary of the Treasury.
As the Battle of Lake Erie begins, Captain ________ exclaims 'Don't give up the ship!' aboard the USS Chesapeake.
Oliver Hazard Perry states 'We have met the enemy and they are ours' as the Battle of ____________ begins.
At the Battle of __________, the British plan to set Washington D.C. ablaze and destroy the White House.
Francis Scott Key publishes the poem _______, describing his sights at Fort McHenry.
________ destroys the British in a crushing victory at the Battle of New Orleans.
_______ is both Secretary of State and War after the War of 1812 and later becomes president.
The Creek War begins, and Chief ______ is defeated at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
Federalists introduce the Nullification Doctrine at a convention held in ______.
The _________ agreement disarms forts near the Great Lakes.
A treaty held in the Belgian city of _____ creates 'status quo antebellum.'
Madison finally agrees to Henry Clay's _________, which included the Bonus Bill, higher tariff, and a National Bank.
By the end of Madison's second term, the Era of _________ begins, which increased patriotism and economic independence.

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