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Can you name the facts about Anthony Burgess's book A Clockwork Orange?

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Slang language that teenagers use to communicate
Alex's address
Location where Alex and his droogs drink moloko (milk) laced with psychedelic drugs
Alex is visited by this social worker to help him find work
Alex's favorite musical composition
Bar where Alex and his droogs buy drinks for women
Alex struggles with this droog for leadership
Alex is attacked by these animals while robbing a house
Alex hits an old woman with this object, killing her
Alex wears a mask of this person during the crime
This droog dies while Alex is incarcerated
Alex is incarcerated in this 'State Jail'
Technique used to cure the Alex's violent tendencies
Main doctor involved in the treatment
Alex is beaten up in this building after being released
Alex wanders to this man's house, where he once committed rape and murder with his droogs
The novel ends when Alex encounters this droog at a coffee shop

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