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QUIZ: Can you name the top 100 novels of the 20th century according to Larry McCaffrey?

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Vladimir Nabokov1962
James Joyce1922
Thomas Pynchon1973
Robert Coover1977
William Faulkner1929
Samuel Beckett1953/56/57
Gertrude Stein1925
William S. Burroughs1962/64/67
Vladimir Nabokov1955
James Joyce1941
Raymond Federman1975
Toni Morrison1986
Stephen Wright1994
Malcolm Lowry1949
Virginia Woolf1927
William H. Gass1968
William Gaddis1975
Ralph Ellison1952
Don DeLillo1997
Ernest Hemingway1926
James Joyce1916
F. Scott Fitzgerald1925
Henry James1903
D.H. Lawrence1921
Donald Barthelme1981
William T. Vollmann1993
William Gaddis1955
Joseph Conrad1902
Joseph Heller1961
George Orwell1949
Zora Neale Hurston1937
William Faulkner1936
Samuel R. Delany1975
John Steinbeck1939
Rikki Ducornet1984/86/92/93
William Gibson1984/86/88
Henry Miller1934
Jack Kerouac1957
Joseph McElroy1974
J.G. Ballard1973
Salman Rushdie1981
John Barth1960
Paul Metcalf1965
Aldous Huxley1932
E.M. Forster1924
Raymond Federman1972
Flann O'Brien1951
Cormac McCarthy1965
John Hawkes1949
Richard Wright1940
Nathanael West1939
Djuna Barnes1937
Marilynne Robinson1980
Kurt Vonnegut1969
Don DeLillo1986
Flannery O'Connor1952
Ursula K. Le Guin1985
John Dos Passos1930/32/36
Doris Lessing1962
J.D. Salinger1951
Dashiell Hammett1929
Raymond Carver1981
James Joyce1915
Jean Toomer1925
Edith Wharton1905
Russell Hoban1982
William Eastlake1955/58/62
Stanley Elkin1976
Paul Auster1985/86/86
Tom Robbins1986
David Foster Wallace1995
Ben Marcus1996
Harry Mathews1966
Robert Coover1969
Phillip K. Dick1962
Bret Easton Ellis1988
John Fowles1969
Gene Wolfe1980/81/82/82
Anthony Burgess1962
William Kennedy1976/78/83
William H. Gass1995
William H. Gass1966
Paul Bowles1948
Alexander Theroux1981
Ronald Sukenick1968
Ishmael Reed1969
Sherwood Anderson1919
William T. Vollmann1987
Norman Mailer1948
Robert Coover1968
Steve Katz1971
J.M. Coetzee1980
Theodore Sturgen1951
Gilbert Sorrentino1979
Thomas Wolfe1929
Theodore Dreiser1925
Ted Mooney1981
Steve Erickson1989
Kathy Acker1990
Samuel R. Delany1996

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