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The main character, who is under a sleeping curse(Female)
Her boyfriend is(Oldest, Blue Eyed, Salvatore)
His younger brother is(Youngest, Green Eyed, Salvatore)
Who is in love with this girl(Blonde, Female Vampire)
Who used to date this hybrid(Werewolf, turned hybrid by Klaus)
Who is friends with this human(The only human basically still alive)
He had a sister named(Was turned a vampire before she died)
Who use to date this human(Was a Vampire Hunter)
He used to date this witch, aka Elena's BFF(She called her Grandma 'Grams')
She is in love with this Vampire(Was tortured with Damon)
Elena's Doppelganger(In love with Stefan and Damon)
Stefan's Doppelganger(Loved Amara, and tricked Qetsiyah)
Elena's Real Birth Mom(Faked her death)
Her Ex Husband(A college professor/vampire)
Who has two kid witches, one is named(Siphon Twins)
and the other one is named(Siphon Twins)
Their real mom, was a witch(Kai's twin sister)
Her twin brother is(Jo's twin brother)
Caroline's Mom(Sheriff Forbes's nick name)
Jeremy's Aunt(Used to date Alaric)
Which Salvatore brother did Elena date first?(When they dated, he drank animal blood)
The Hybrid, who is also an Original(Was a werewolf, turned a hybrid by Esther)
His youngest brother, the one Jeremy kills(Youngest boy in the Mikaelson family)
His younger sister(Youngest girl in the Mikaelson family)
The noble Original vampire(Elena daggers this Mikaelson)
Who was Stefan's closest friend, she was a vampire(Damon killed her, she was a vampire)
What state does Vampire Diaries take place?(The state above North Carolina)
Where town does Vampire Diaries take place?

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