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Can you name the Volleyball referee hand signals?

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Motion (# of words)MeaningDefinition
Arms crossed over chest (2 or 3)Same for the end of match.
One arm in front and one arm in back of body in a single swinging motion (2)Between games or halfway through a deciding game
A yellow or a red card is held up or red and yellow cards Ylw = warning; Red = point; Both = ejection
The arm swings downward from a 90 degree angle (3)The ball is attacked above the net and leaving from in front of the 3 meter line
A clockwise circular motion with index finger (2 or3)At the time of service a player overlaps the player directly next to them
An arm is extended over the top of the net parallel to the floor (2 or 3)The ball is contacted before it has broken the plain of the net or before the opposition hits it
Arms are positioned to form a 'T' (2)Each team has two lasting 60 seconds per game
Two thumbs up (1 or 2)Indicating a fault by both teams, a serve over, or a official's inadvertant whistle or mistake
Touching the net with the palm (2) A player touches the net
The arm extended to the team with possession brought inward toward the body (2)Indicates the server may now serve
Two fingers up (2)Ball contacted more than once by a player (the block does not count)
The arm swinging up forward stopping mid-section with the palm facing upwards (1)Held, thrown, or carried ball. Too much contact time
Motion (# of words)MeaningDefinition
Four fingers up (2)You only get three contacts
One arm forward at 90 degree angle with other hand making a brushing motion on fingertips (1)Ball is out of bounds after contacting a player
Both arms extended forward palms up motioning toward body (3)Ball is out of bounds, outside antenna or player illegally in adjacent court
Point down to the court (2 or 3)Where the ball landed
One finger raised (1)Winner of the rally
Extend the arm with palm perpendicular to the floor (2)Toward the team that will serve
Both arms raised, elbows bent, palms facing forward (2)Then the player who committed the fault is indicated
The end line is pointed to with open hand, palm perpendicular to the floor (2)When the server steps on the line or a player steps on the center line
Sweeping motion pointing to the center line with open hand, palm facing net (3 or 4)It must go over the net
Sweeping motion pointing to the center line with open hand, palm facing net then pointing to player (3 or 4)You must stay on your own side of the court even out of bounds
Rotate fists around each other in a circular motion (1)Then indicate team making request

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