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Superhero with the ability to shrink and growA
The name of the Hulk's alter egoB
Mutant from the future/ Cybernetically enhanced/ Member of the X-ForceC
Blind superhero/ Other senses heightened/ Red costumeD
Villian/ Controls electricity/ Enemy of Spider-ManE
Flies with mechanical wings/ Owns a pet bird named RedwingF
Notably repeats a 3 word phrase/ Sentient Tree-like creatureG
All-seeing and All-hearing guardian of Asgard/ Guards the rainbow bridge,BifrostH
Shares his name with his ability/ Able to summon and focus his chi into his handsI
Superwoman/ Superstrength,durability,flight/ Married to Luke CageJ
Inhuman/ Martial Artist/ Has the ability to find the weakness in anyhtingK
Norse God of Trickery/ Brother of ThorL
Mutant/ Teleportation, Has magic armor and uses Soul Sword/ Raised in LimboM
Mutant/ Teleportation/ Demon-like appearanceN
Norse King of the Gods/ All-Father/ Father of Thor/ Step-father of LokiO
Mutant Woman/ Constructs weapons made of psychic energy/ Purple CostumeP
Inhuman/ Seismic (earthquake producing) powers/ S.H.I.E.L.D agentQ
Mutant/ Absorbs the abilities,memories,personality of others via touchR
Mutated Human/ Has an alter ago named Void/ Too many abilities to countS
Absorbs knowledge and skills instantaneously / Can predict his enemies next movesT
Villian Robot/ Created by Hank Pym/ Made of adamantium/ Uses energy blastsU
Klytnar (inorganic alien symbiote)/ Alter ego of Eddie Brock/ Has the abilities of Spider-ManV
Powered armor suit/ Iron Man's partner/ Has a varitey of offensive and defensive weaponsW
Human Mutant/ Clone and adopted daughter of Wolverine/ Same powers as WolverineX
Centaurian/ Controls weapon (arrow) by sound waves(whistling)Y
Olympian God/ Supreme ruler of all other Olympian Gods/ Can control electricityZ
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