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Can you name the Lord of the Rings characters who said the quotes?

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Forced Order
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They're taking the Hobbits to IsengardElf
You Shall Not Pass!!!Wizard
It's the BeardsMan
Is it secret, Is it safe?Wizard
My body is brokenKing of Rohan
No man can kill me!One of the Nine
I am no man!Future Queen of Rohan
That's for the Shire, that's for Frodo and that's for my ol' GafferHobbit
That still only counts as one!Dwarf-Lord
Tell me, where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speek with himElf
Never thought I'd be fighting side by side with an ElfDwarf-Lord
How about side by side with a FriendElf
home is behind and the world aheadHobbit
The Ring Is Mine!Hobbit
The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shutElf
All right, all right! You just startled me is all. What were you doing? Hobbit

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