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This state is the 17th most populous state in America
The name of this state means friend or allies in Cado
A form of weather characterized by lightening and its accoustic effects
Longest form of a game in the sport of Cricket
Asian city know of rthe Azaadi and Milad tower
99% of this nations territory is made up of the Republic of China
This is the name of the strait between China and Taiwan
This is a distincive Ancient Roman that is about 20 feet and worn over a tunic
This is the name of a state in India whose capital is Chennai
This is a country in central east Africa that is perhaps the oldest continuosly inhabited place in the world
Located on the Danshui River, it is the largest city in Taiwan
This was an Chinese Imperial Dynasty, which had its capital in Chang'an
This is a radical form of government where one person a absolute authority
This is they name of the stream or river that flows into a larger river
Japanes city home to the Imperial Palace

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