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QUIZ: Can you name the Things that start with the letter P?

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Written by J.M. Barrie about a boy who can fly and does not want ot grow up
A Russian city located on the Neva River, which is a federal subject
Nickname of South Carolina
This country is bordered by Germany on the west, the czeck republic on the south and the baltic sea to its north
This city is situated on the Seine River in the north of France
This state is bound by both the Mason Dixon line and the Delaware River
He was the founder of Pennsylvania by a land charter
This is a term used to describe someone who opposes to war and violence
It has the 22nd largest urban population and is the city home to Westinghouse
This body of water covers 30% of the Earth's land mass.
The Techtonic plate that is beneath the Pacific Ocean
This is the Study of pre-historic life
A branching diagram that shows the evolutionary relationship amoung biological species
The student of aristotle and founder of the Academy in Athens.
State of matter, indentified in Crooks tube.

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