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Forced Order
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President of South Africa, 1994-1999
Place to store your bottles of fermented grape juice
Genus of swift animals that contains many species of antelope
Penn Jillette's sidekick
Fairytale also known as 'The Little Glass Slipper'
Also known as 'German measles'
SI base unit of luminous intensity
Weekly UK women's magazine, or the female protagonist in 'Twilight' (first name)
Lead singer of The Jam and The Style Council, nicknamed 'The Modfather'
English actress who is most famous for playing Sam Mitchell in 'Eastenders' (first name)
English darts player who won the 1984 World Professional Darts Championship
Protrusion from certain types of cell whose name is derived from the Latin for 'whip'
Medical term for the kneecap
Bacteria that can cause food poisoning, usually from chicken eggs
Pilsner beer brewed in Barcelona whose name is derived from the Spanish for 'star'
Monica's brother - 'We were on a break!'
1968 sci-fi film starring Jane Fonda
Spain's rice-based de facto national dish
Longer than a short story but shorter than a novel
Reassuringly expensive beer or a female character in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' (both first names)
2007 hit single for Rihanna and Jay-Z
American golfer who won the US Open in 1984
English actor known for playing Jambo in 'Hollyoaks' and Gaz in 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps'
Singing without instrumental sound
Brazilian term for 'slum', mainly in Rio de Janeiro
Australian singer whose biggest hit was 'Sweet About Me' in 2008 (first name)

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