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Can you name the reasons why Reggie Perrin is always late?

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Reason For DelayLocation
Eleven minutes late, staff difficulties,
Eleven minutes late, signal failure at
Eleven minutes late, staff shortages,
Eleven minutes late, derailment of container truck,
Eleven minutes late, seasonal manpower shortages,
Eleven minutes late, defective junction box,
Eleven minutes late, overheated axle at
Eleven minutes late, defective axle at
Reason For DelayLocation
Eleven minutes late, somebody had stolen the lines at
Seventeen minutes late, defective bogey at
Seventeen minutes late, water seeping through the cables at
Twenty-two minutes late, black ice at
Twenty-two minutes late, obstacles on the line at
Twenty-two minutes late, badger ate a junction box at
Twenty-two minutes late, fed up by train delays, came by bike. Slow puncture at
Twenty-two minutes late, escaped puma,

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