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Can you name the colleges and universities mentioned in The Simpsons?

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Forced Order
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Mr. Burns' alma mater, which 'could use an international airport'
In Gore Vidal's guest appearance, he carries around a laugh track from this university's class of 1987
Otto tries to win a diploma from here with the claw-machine game at a bowling alley
Homer and Bart, mocking Lisa: 'You're going to ________, you're going to ________!'
Sideshow Mel is an alumnus of this school
Flanders: 'Looks like heaven is easier to get into than _______ _____'
Sideshow Bob refers to his brother's time here as 'four years at clown college'
Superintendant Chalmers says he went to this university, where Snake played lacrosse
Lisa's nightmare: After failing a test, her file is passed on to this school
Barney couldn't remember if he gave a guest lecture here or on a street corner
Flanders goes on a date with a woman with an MBA from this university's business school
Ms. Krabappel mentions that she has a master's degree from this school
According to Duffman, 'Trick Pouring' qualifies for course credit here
Homer, to Lisa: 'I've had just about enough of your ______-bashing, young lady!'
Homer's first guess when trying to name the 'Harvard of the South'
Homer's second guess when trying to name the 'Harvard of the South'

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