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The Bubonic Plague Arrives in Italy
End of Hundred years War; Constantinople falls to Ottomans
The Moors and Jews are expelled from Spain; Columbus sails to the Americas
Martin Luther posts his Ninety Five Theses in Wittenburg
The Sack of Rome end the Renaissance
Act of Surpremacy establishes the Church of Enland
Peace of Augsburg allows Lutheranism to be practiced in the Holy Roman Empire
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre begins French Wars of Reliligon
The Spanish Armada is defeated
Edict of Nantes ends the French Wars of Religion
Death of Elizabeth I
English Civil War begins
Thirty Years War ends with the Peace of Westphalia
Ottomans reach high mark in Vienna
Newton publishes Principia Matica
Glorious Revolution in England
Peace of Utrecht ends the War of Spanish Succession
Death of Louis XIV
Peter the Great dies
War of Austrian Succession begins (Maria Theresa)
French Revolution begins
Death of Catherine the Great
Congress of Vienna is established
Revolutions erupt across Europe; Communist Manifesto published
Austria-Hungary is formed with the Ausgleich
The German Empire is proclaimed
WWI begins
Russian Revolution begins
WWI ends
Great Depression begins
WWII begins
WWII ends
The Soviet Union Collapses

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