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Shape of Methane
This bond has an electronegativity difference above 1.7
Functional group that is found in alchohals and has a bent shape
Reaction that break macromolecules into smaller subunits
Sugars that contain several simple sugars attached to one another
This is the primary structural polysaccharide of plants(unusable by humans)
This monomer is a glucose molecule with a nitrogen containing group
Type of linkage formed by condensation between carboxyl and hydroxyl group (triacylglycerol)
Number of amino acids
Bond found between amino acids
Type of structure when proteins interact
Carbon in deoxyribose thats missing oxygen
This process produces two pyruvate from one glucose
This cycle uses CO2 to produce G3P
This mans experiment suggested hereditary information was in nucleus
Protein that unwinds double helix in DNA replication
Sequences of the primary transcript that are expressed
Direction of translation
These enzymes modifies recognition sites of specific RE's preventing cutting
The sequence: DNA -> RNA -> protein
This functional group is added to guanine to make 5' cap
This organ maintains water balance
Tis type of feedback amplifies small effect
This is a high pressure capillary bed that is site of filtration
These are caused by precipitation of mineral solutes from blood
When blood sugar levels are too high liver converts glucose to ______
Body's coordinating centre for mechanical and chemical actions
Projections of cytoplasm that carry impulses toward cell body
Chemicals released from vesicles into synaptic cleft
Active transport and diffusion of sodium and potassium ions establish a ______
This ion causes vesicles to release neurotransmitters
This lobe of brain is associated with vision and hearing
Area of brain that coordinates and interprets sensory information and relays it to cerebrum
Areas of the brain that detect smell
Outer layer of eye that protects the eyes inner layers
This structure focuses image on retina
These photoreceptors operate in bright light to detect color
Nearsightedness is also known as this
This sequence in mRNA strand starts translation
Adenine an guanine are ______
BONUS: This enzyme relieves any tension from unwinding of double helix

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