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This type of bond form between two amino acids
These type of ring structures have hydroxyl group below plane
This superstructure is .34 nm wide
This superstructure is composed of two tetramers
This reaction produces larger molecule from smaller subunits
This Structure is due to attraction between R groups
Type of linkage between carbs
This type of reaction uses water to break covalent bonds
This Purine contains oxygen
Non-polar amino acids other main feature
This Quanternary Structure contains 4 heme's
This bond is present between sugars in DNA
This sugar is in DNA
these are monomers of proteins
This type of structure is how proteins interact
This type of link is found in triglycerides
This base replaces Thymine in RNA
These are most common organic material on earth
This type of reaction forms a covalent bond while producing water
Isomers where atoms are bonded the same but position of functional groups in space are different

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