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Can you name the Prime Ministers of Luxembourg since World War II?

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TermPrime MinisterExtra Fact
5 November 1937 - 23 December 1953Led government-in-exile during the Nazi Occupation
29 December 1953 - 29 March 1958Also served as Prime Minister before the war, 1926-1937
29 March 1958 - 23 February 1959Interned by the Nazis at Hinzert concentration camp
2 March 1959 - 15 June 1974Represented Luxembourg at the Bretton Woods Conference
15 June 1974 - 16 July 1979President of the European Commission 1981-1985
16 July 1979 - 20 July 1984Previously headed five Cabinet ministries
20 July 1984 - 26 January 1995President of the European Commission 1995-1999
26 January 1995 - 4 December 2013Elected President of the European Commission in 2014
4 December 2013 - ???Luxembourg's first openly gay Prime Minister

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