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European country where Eddie Van Halen was born in 1955
The guitarist's true birth name
Eddie's brother, and the drummer for Van Halen
The American city where the Van Halen family moved to in 1962
The guitarist whom Eddie regards as one of his main influences
The original name for the band Van Halen, which had already been taken
Van Halen's original bass player, later replaced by Eddie's son
The bassist who helped produce Van Halen's demo in 1977
Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar used throughout his career
Van Halen's producer from 1978-1984 and 1991
The group's debut album, realeased in 1978
The famous guitar solo from their debut album which popularized Van Halen's sound
Van Halen's first top 20 hit from Van Halen II in 1979
The only single from the album Women and Children First, and the first track with Eddie on keyboards
Eddie's tv star wife whom he married in April 1981 (and later divorced)
The band's lowest selling album with singer David Lee Roth
Another popular solo by Eddie that relied heavily on hammer-ons and volume swells
The two part song recorded on a miniature Les Paul
Van Halen's appearance at this festival earned them $1.5 million
The Roy Orbison song covered by Van Halen
The name of the Michael Jackson song to which Eddie provided a solo for in 1982
The final album released with singer David Lee Roth
The song from this album named after a car in Los Angeles
The band's only single to reach number one on the billboard hot 100
Van Halen's new lead singer after the departure of David Lee Roth
Eddie's son and the new bassist for Van Halen
Eddie's famous two handed guitar playing technique
The famous guitar tone featured throughout Eddie's career
Eddie's home studio in Los Angeles
The company that built Eddie's famous '5150' guitar
The new guitar designed by Eddie and built by Fender
Van Halen's highest grossing commercial tour

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