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Yeah I get it your an outkast
I took her out it was a friday night
Debbie just hit the wall she never had it all
I live my life like theres no tomorrow
You need my love baby oh so bad
Manage me i'm a mess
I'm good to go and i'm goin no where fast
Livn' easy livin' free
I can't explain all the feelings that you're makin me feel
I don't want to talk about it anymore
When theres lightning you know it alwas brings me down
Screams break the silence
She's got eyes of the bluest skies
You take my life and i'll take yours too
Got a good reason
Just a small town girl
Gotta make a change for once in my life
I i'm driving black on black just got my license back
Living on a lighted stage approaches beyond real
I wanted you to know that I love the way you laugh

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