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A drug that binds to a receptor but produces no direct response. Stabilizes inactive conformations of receptors.
Antagonist binding that operates through activation of a different pathway.
Can non-competitive binding be overcome by increasing ligand?
A measure of the affinity of a competitive antagonist for its receptor. [A][R]/[AR]
Effect of a drug increases with an increase in dose (or concentration) up to a maximum.
Concentration of drug ([D]) that gives 50% maximal effect.
The smaller the KD value, the _________ the affinity.
A measure of drug activity expressed in terms of the amount required to produce an effect of given intensity.
Percent of receptors bound. [DR]/[RT]
Type of binding: binds at an allosteric site.
The ______ the theraputic index, the better.
A drug that binds to a receptor and activates it to produce a respose.
How well a drug activates the system
Type of binding: binds to orthosteric/active site on receptor.
Dose of antagonist needed to shift the dose-response curve 2-fold to the right. (-log Ka)
Site at which the engogenous transmitter binds
Can affinity of an agnonist be measured from a dose-response curve?
How well a drug binds to its receptor
Site other than the active site on the receptor
Law of ____ ______: rate of a reaction is proportional to the concentation of the reactants.
Disassociation constant for a drug - a measure of affinity. [d][r]/[dr]
This kind of agonist gives the maximal effect of which the system is capable.
The ______ the pA2, the better the antagonist affinity.
This kind of agonist gives a lesser effect than a full agonist, even when all receptors are occupied.
Does competitive binding affect shape of dose-response curve?
Effect of increasing doses of drug across a population - drug does or does not cuase a specific effect in an individual.
Can competitive binding be overcome by increasing ligand?

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