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Can you name the Real steel Robots?

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HintAnswerExtra Heading
The comic book crusherSpecial is Chest Slam
Very fatSpecial is Gut Buster
The meltdown menaceSpecial is Nuclear Knockdown
The electric blue brawlerBlue in the face
The world war two fighterDive Bomb
The peoples championUppercut
The jack of all terrorsAce in the Face
The gold blodded killerTomahawk Blow
The sherrif of robotownGunmetal Barrel Punch
Bringing down the barrageShock and Awe
The bot out of hellRev-Hook
The diver bot from the deepDepht Change
The army green machineFire Support
The halloween horrorLaughter Riot
The triple threatTouchdown
The spike fistPrankster
Frankesteins monter of the ringMallet Smackdown
The steel samuraiWakizashi Hook
The sword fighterExcalibur Strike
The bronzed bodybuilder botMechanismo Taunt
HintAnswerExtra Heading
The wheel-spinning fist fighterDouble-Glove Mime Punch
The first samurai botNukitsuke
The space rangerRe-Entry Retro Blast
The fright knightThe Fright Knight
The wheeler drillerPiston Packed
The Two-headed tower of powerHypnotic Flurry
The white hopeGlass Jaw Feint
The digging machineHydro-Slam
The ice-cool mechanical mountainThe Ice Breaker
The casino bot with an amizing handPoker Face
The apex predatorJacked Up
The quarterbackSlam Tackle
The doom machineGut Wrencher
Tak Mashido's greatest creationAsura
King of the robotsBrainstorm
The gold blooded killer (literraly)Tomahawk Blow
Frankestiens moster of the ring goldMallet Smackdown
The peoples champion goldUppercut
King of robots goldBrainstorm
The Unholy AnhilatorStone Age Slam

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