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Pokemon that gives people nighmares and feeds on them
Pokemon said that shaped the world with its 1000 arms
Pokemon modified by Team Plasma
Pokemon said to come every 1000 years that makes wishes come true
Pokemon that controls time
Pokemon said that if a person has it you will always be victorius
Pokemon that is said to have the DNA of every pokemon and Z- exclusive move is Genesis Supernova
Pokemon that can change to up to 4 forms by contact with a meteor
Only known mythical pokemon that can breed
Pokemon offspring from a bred mythical pokemon
Pokemon that can change its form by a Gracidea
Leader of the Swords of Justice
Pokemon that can change its form by singing a song
Pokemon that can make portals with hoops
Only mythical pokemon that can Mega evolve
Fire-Water pokemon introduced in Kalos
Pokemon created by scientists with a Soul-Heart
Unreveald pokemon whose Z move is Soul-Stealing 7Star Strike or Spectral Thief
Z cristal that turns psychic into Genesis Supernova
Z cristal that turns Spectral Thief into Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike

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