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Forced Order
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DefinitionAnswerPart of Speech
able to be feltadj.
to talk on and on; to babbleverb
to bewilder or confuseverb
the expression on the facenoun
to make largerverb
to spoilverb
to express regret or sadnessverb
to pay back in kindverb
to fight; argueverb
a crimson coloradj.
wish to do harmnoun
lewd or lustful behaviornoun
mild mannered; calm; self-controledadj.
DefinitionAnswerPart of Speech
to abandon allegiance to a cause or partyverb
badly behaved; difficult to controladj.
in a mistaken wayadv.
to intentionally misleadverb
to incite somethingverb
to go to bed; withdrrawverb
to guide or lead towardverb
moral or ethical considerationnoun
widespread fame or honornoun
to ask earnestly; to begverb
to associate with someone undesirableverb

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