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Forced Order
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Because the child was so _______________, her parents decided to take her to the doctor since her lethargy was unusual.
A guy who wears makeup would usually be considered _______________.
People who are ______________ to make excuses rarely become successful.
Many students ________________ interest in their classes, while actually finding them boring.
In order to attain a ________________ career, he will need to work very hard.
He hoped his parents would be in ______________ with his idea to travel to Europe for two months.
Many illnesses begin to ______________ themselves a little at a time.
The man ____________ for the waiter since he needs more water.
The news of the party _____________ a feeling of excitedment in the room.
Those who know people who are _______________ in their fields are able to find jobs more quickly.
You should go to sleep _____________ you are too tired to work tomorrow.
She _______________ studying for the test, and soon regretted it.
The ______________ criminal managed to escape detection.
Obama is known for being an _______________ speaker.
The swimmer had a very _____________ frame since she worked out constantly.
She had a _______________ dislike of anything that was remotely healthy causing her many health issues.
Throughout the difficult fight with cancer, he showed great ______________ never giving up.
When I got in front of the crowd, I spoke with a _________________ voice because of my nerves.
People often believe a ______________ amount of money will make them happy, only to discover it doesn't.
Some people seem to be able to ____________ their responsibilities, leaving others to do thier jobs.
I could not believe the little girl had the _______________ to call her mother an idiot.
She became ______________ for being late to class, so teachers were more suprised when she was on time.
You must pay ______________ attention to the reading if you want to do well on the quizzes.
The WWII fighter was _________________ great respect for his valor in the war.
Teachers must receive __________________ from the school before planning any field trips.
When I found out we had lost, I left the room _____________ of all joy.
The little girl screamed throughout the mall without ever getting in trouble, showing how ________________ her parents treated her.
The classroom was utter ________________ when the teacher walked in and had to quiet everyone down.
The steel was ___________________ strong, so no one could break through it.
The boy was ____________ suprised when the girl who he thought had no idea who he was called him by name and hugged him.
Many students make _____________ complaints about their teachers grading them based on how much they like them so that their parents won't get mad about their poor grades.
The ______________ child chatted on and on in the back seat.
I looked out from my room and _____________ a fire across the street.

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