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Forced Order
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Although people attempted to ________________________ the mother, she continued to cry over the loss of her mother.
Your failure to complete your homework on time is an _______________________________ to your teachers.
Parents can sometimes be incredibly ________________________, requiring more of their students than the students feel they can achieve.
While our Christmas was not as grand as normal, it definitely could not be considered ____________________ since everyone still received presents.
The queen bid everyone a kind ____________________________ before leaving the hospital.
Many authors use _______________, famous words by other authors, at the beginning of their works to foreshadow events to come.
People who are ________________________________ often do poorly in school because of their lack of organization and planning.
The man is _______________________ throughout the entire community for his knowledge of the world.
The dark storm clouds threatened _______________________________ disaster.
When the dancers moved they spun around and around in a tight _________________________.
I issued an ______________________ to my students telling them that they would receive zeroes if their work wasn’t turned in on time.
There are many different ways to _______________________ your hair, including French braiding and regular braids.
Because the teacher was so _____________________________, students never knew how she expected them to act in her classroom.
People often feel the need to _________________________ for their thoughtless actions, especially if they are friends with those they hurt.
While some suggest immediately attacking enemies, many feel that _____________________________ with them and trying to solve the problem with discussion will be better.
The worker had an _____________________________ attitude looking down on almost all of his fellow workers even though he had little actual power.
Continuing to make the same mistakes shows incredible __________________________ since it shows a person’s failure to learn.
The evil boy came up with _______________________________ ways to hurt those around him.
In order to string a bow, the string must be pulled _________________________.
He loved the girl so much that her death was a very _________________________________ memory and caused him years of pain.
In selecting an _______________________ for your nation, you want to choose someone who communicates well with others and will be respected.
The famous wrestler showed his _____________________________ during his matches with all the other wrestlers when he easily won.
Several people attempted the _______________________ climb up the mountain only a few people had climbed successfully.
The chef _______________________________ cut the vegetables, moving at lightning speed but never catching his fingers.
When the girl came home and saw smoke coming out under the door, she knew something must be ___________________________________.
The ____________________________ fear that Okonkwo feels makes him incredibly harsh with those around him since he constantly struggles to validate his worth.
The resemblance between the looks of the father and the son was ________________________ since you could hardly tell a difference.
Many of the speech students went to hear the speaker because he was known to be a great ___________________________________.
The children were full of ___________________________________ during the party.
The woman’s __________________________ cry after hearing of the loss broke everyone’s heart.
The _________________________ thief escaped multiple times with thousands of dollars in jewels without every getting caught.

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