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Forced Order
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There was great _______________ in the city as the bombs began to drop and people sought cover.
She __________________ offered to bring me food when I was sick.
I should have ______________ your advice, and I would not have gotten in so much trouble.
The king sent his __________________ to deliver the message to his people.
No one believed that the __________________ pauper who constantly stole, had one been king.
The smoke _________________ through the air as the fire grew.
I think you are _________ upset by the comment since he didn't mean it negatively.
The tribe had many ______________ which they treated with great respect because of the power they believed they held.
Her voice was ___________________ as she looked at the body of the young girl and held back her tears.
The boy was a _______________ who always lied and treated people poorly.
The disrespect you show is ________________ and deserving of punishment.
The teacher ____________ that the students should study or they would fail.
The warrior stood there __________________ his sword in the air, looking terrifying.
The woman spent hours before her date creating the _____________ for her hair.
The woman knew that the insult was ______________, so she forgave the man quickly.
The cloth was __________ in two, so it became useless.
The group treated the girl with ___________ and constantly mocked her.
It is a ______________ that you fill out this form before you will be allowed to go on the trip.
The dark, stormy night created an _______________ mood in the story.
There are many ___________________ to Christianity throughout the world.
Few people could understand him because he was speaking in an _______________ language that was rarely used.
The dress she wore _________________ the occasion, but it would have been far too expensive for me.
The baby was ____________ by the moving fan and would not look away.
The harsh tone showed her anger ____________.
The lumberjack made an ___________ attempt to cut down the tree with a steak knife.
Her _________________ laughter hurt the boys feeling since he hated being mocked.
I was suprised when I saw a picture of the person who had been talking because I had assumed it was an older man since the voice was so __________. It was actually a woman though.
Those with ____________ minds have much to learn.
Mary Poppins _______________ great changes in the houses she entered.
The man was ________________ to his spot when he saw the fabulous fireworks.
She ______________ the candy to all of the children.
I followed the rules as they were ________________ to me by the teacher.
The Dalai Lama, for example, is believed to be an ________________ of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.
The student was _____________ and always talked back to his teachers.

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