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Forced Order
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Macbeth and Banquo likely ______________ the troops during the battle since they are the leaders.
Looking at Lady Macbeth's ________________ when Macbeth says he won't kill Duncan, the audience knows she's angry.
Macbeth and Banquo likely came back from war covered in an ___________________ color since they fought in a bloody battle.
Duncan doesn't realize anything is _______________ when he enters Macbeth's castle and trusts his hosts.
The witches' prophecies _______________ Macbeth to consider murdering the king.
Banquo seems to have the most _________________ nature after the witches' prophecies since he remains calm.
The prophecies _______________ Macbeth and Banquo since they do no understand how they could be true.
The child ____________ on and on about her day.
Lady Macbeth shows she has few __________________ since she is willing to kill an innocent king.
Lady Macbeth's desire to kill seems almost _________________ since it is so strong and obvious it could almost be touched..
Those who no longer want to fight _____________ from the military.
Duncan goes to Macbeth's home for ______________, but it will not be an incredibly restful night.
Macbeth worries that justice will make other people ______________ him for his crimes, which may lead to his own death.
Lady Macbeth shows the most ______________ towards Duncan since she is the one consistently arguing he should be killed.
Lady Macbeth _____________ Macbeth to kill Duncan, begging him constantly..
The sin of _____________ is one of the seven deadly sins.
The witches _______________ in their prophecies so Macbeth is tricked by the small truths they give him.
When Duncan ________________ to his room, the Macbeths plan to get the guards drunk and kill him.
The witches' prophecies ___________ the once good character of Macbeth.
Criminals often ____________ with other criminals, so they tend to get in even more trouble.
The child was quite _______________ and never did as she was asked.
Duncan _______________ that the Thane of Cawdor betrayed him since he trusted him and is upset by the betrayl..
As the play continues, Macbeth's greed ______________ making him a terrible and violent king.
Lady Macbeth does not possess the ________________ that many women of her time did, and instead, shows an evil strength.
Duncan has great ______________ since he is the King of Scotland, and everyone knows him.

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