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Forced Order
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The boxer had to ________________________ against the new favorite to keep his title.
The children listened with ____________________ attention to the TV show.
The girl may have lost her arm, but she had such __________________ that she did not let that stop her from achieving great things.
The teacher ________________________ to give me an answer, but rolled her eyes when she did.
She showed _________________________ for all those who did not agree with her and her judgmental views.
I cannot possibly ______________________ what could have made the man scream out since nothing was happening when he did.
Although my ___________________________ attitude was real, many people doubted my regret.
The gate was ____________________________ out of iron.
The weather was ___________________, so we had no trouble sailing.
_________________________ punishment is a highly debated topic.
I can't believe she had the ________________ to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about.
He chose to display his weapon on the wall and made sure it was _______________________ weekly so that it gleamed.
My parents ___________________ me for not coming home on time, and told me that I was grounded for the week.
The fact that he failed his first quiz was a ___________________________ indication of how the rest of the semester would go.
After her heart was broken, the girl continued to __________________ over her ex-boyfriend.
Her ____________________ imagination took her to numerous locations and kept her from ever paying any attention to the real world.
Send him ahead as a ___________________________ so that your mom will know that we are coming to dinner before we all get there.
The man displayed great __________________ by running into the burning building to save the child.
Many people struggle not to _______________________ to the past when they lose people they love.
_______________________ is an allusion to the place Christ was crucified.
The play will be _________________________________ in a few minutes, so make sure you get to your seat.
The boy was upset that his neighbor offered him little __________________________ for his yard work.
He was ___________________________ by the fact that there might be sharks in the water, so he went scuba diving anyway.
The man decided to personally ______________________________ the prizes to all of the winners.
The larger man had the clear__________________ until his opponent got into his head and ended up winning.

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