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Forced Order
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The _______________ told the story of a ficitional boy and his coming-of-age.
Many people showed _________________ during the sermon, so the pator stopped and lectured them.
The girl _____________ of desperation when she entered the room, so all the men ignored her.
'House on Mango Street' includes a series of _______________ that share common themes.
Many people suffer ________________ because of poverty or a lack of education.
She felt the pain of the breakup _____________ since she had fallen in love.
Pretty much anyone, not just famous people, can write a _______________ since it tells a factual story in a creative way.
Since the school's ____________, thousands of people have graduated.
The boy wanted to be a rocket scientist someday and _______________ any information he could find about the field.
People say that he has _____________ into a better person since he left, but I don't know if I believe them.
Since the student wanted to be a writer, her teacher offered her many _______________ after reading the excellent essay.
The quiz left me ______________ since I had not studied.
When people meet me, they make ________________ about my personality that are not always correct.
She was curious, ___________ not always smart about her curiousity.
The girl didn't know how to _________________ her love for the boy, and always stumbled on her words when she tried to talk to him.
She spoke _______________ about the next steps, so people trusted her.
Some people think that to sound smart they need to be wordy, but _________________ is usually better.
Rodents of Unusual Size, also known as ROUS, are the _____________ of the forbidden forest in 'The Princess Bride.'

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