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She attempted to _______________ her mother by buying her Godiva chocolate, but her mother stayed upset.
King Solomon is know for his _____________ decisions in court since he could solve even the most difficult cases.
Her accomplishments were ______________ since they showed much time and effort.
The man who never shared his money with others became known for his _____________.
The girl was frightened when she discovered she was no longer in the city but had been taken to a _______________ place with no one around.
Romeo _______________ his love for Juliet before he really gets to know her.
Shakespeare's language can sometimes _________________ students who do not focus when they read.
I tried to go down the road, but there was an __________________________ that kept me from making it very far.
The woman suffered many _______________ since she was little, and the doctors could find no cure.
The mother was in __________ when she found out her son had lost his life.
Many people say that gambling is a _____________ since it can lead to an addiction.
The prince ____________ his title so that he could marry whoever he wanted.
If you make an A in English, your effort should be _____________________ because without your work, that grade would not be possible.
The bell ______________ throughout the campus letting people know it is time for class.
Her ___________________ smile showed her evil intentions.
You should never _____________ learning even after you leave school.
In a city like New York a five story buliding would look ______________________ compared to the skyscrapers.
The potter ____________ formed a vase, making it seem like the easiest job in the world.
The boy was ______________ in his decision to make all A's and put all of his effort towards this goal.

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