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Forced Order
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This weekend was too nice to ______________ in my house, so I went to the flea market.
The girl rarely spoke lies, so everyone believed she was now speaking ________________ even though the news sounded unlikely.
Although many people get divorced, the older couple had never considered it and knew their marriage was __________________.
The boy was full of ______________ and constantly did mean things just because he wanted to.
The people had to _______________ with the issue for several hours before coming to a conclusion.
The girl brought flowers to the cemetary to pay _______________ to her grandfather.
The minister was very ____________ and people trusted his words because they knew he was trustworthy.
I _______________ myself with the words before attempting to quiz myself.
Santa clause is known for his ____________ personality.
The old man was proud of his _______________ since they had been so successful in life.
The child was easily _________________ since he paid no attention to his surroundings and would walk away with any stranger.
Your lack of respect for people _______________ me.
He was a ___________________ donor, so the people did not want to upset him since his money paid for 90% of the project.
Many people suffer from ________________ that must be treated with prescription drugs.
I would like to _____________ my former starement by saying that it was indeed true.
I was ___________________ when I found out that my friend had deceived me and talked about me behind my back.
The ______________ henchman stole the Statue of Liberty from the United States.
The children were very __________ when they opened their Christmas gifts.
'You will ____________ the day that you did not give me an A ,' said the girl threateningly to her teacher.

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