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Can you name the Can you finish the lyrics to Last Friday Night by Katy Perry?

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There's a ________ in my bed-
There's a pounding my ________-
________ all over the room-
Pink ________ in the pool-
I smell like a ______-
DJ's ________ out in the yard-
Barbie's on the __________-
There's a ______ or a bruise-
Pictures of ____ night-
Eended __ online-
I'm _________-
____ Well-
It's a black ____ blur-
But I'm pretty sure it ______-
Last ______ night-
Yeah we danced on _________-
And we _____ to many shots-
So we _____ the boulevard-
_______ Friday night-
We went ________ in the park-
Skinny _______ in the dark-
Then had a ______ a trois-
Last Friday ______-
I think we broke the ______-
Always say we're gonna ______-
______ Friday night-
Do it ____ again-
This Friday ____-
Do it all _____-
Trying to connect the ______-
Don't know what to tell my ______-
Think the city _____ my car-
__________ is on the floor-
With my _______ party dress-
Warrants out for my ________-
Think I need a _______ ale-
That was such an ______ fail-
Pictures _____ last night-
______ up online-
_____ screwed-
Oh ____-
It's a _______ out blur-
But I'm pretty ____ it ruled-
Last Friday ______-
Yeah we danced on table ______-
And ____ took too many shots-
Think we ________ but I forgot-
______ Friday Night-
Yeah we _________ our credits card-
And got kicked out of the ______-
_____ we hit the boulevards-
Last ______ night-
We went streaking in the _____-
Skinny dipping int he ______-
Then had a menage a _______-
Yeah __ think we broke the law-
Always say we're ______ stop-op-
Oh _____ oh-
______ Friday night-
Do ____ alll again-
_____ it alll again-
This _____ Night-
Do it ______ again-
____ it all again-
Last Friday ______-
Yeah we _______ on table tops-
And we took _____ many shots-
Think we kissed but I ______-
______ Friday night-
Yeah we maxed our _______ cards-
And got kicked out of ___ bar-
_____ we hit the boulevard-
Last _____ night-
We ______ streaking in the park-
Skinny dipping ___ the dark-
Then had a menage ____ trois-
______ Friday night-
Yeah I _______ we broke the law-
Always say we're gonna _____-
_____ Friday night-
Do it all again _____ Ending of a sentence

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