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DescriptionEpisode Title#
Buffy comes to Sunnydale1.1
The Master tries to open the Hellmouth1.2
Cheerleaders are under attack at Sunnydale High1.3
Xander falls for his substitute teacher1.4
Buffy tries dating and ends up at the morgue1.5
Xander falls under the influence of demonic hyenas1.6
Buffy's boyfriend hides a dark secret1.7
Willow tries Internet dating1.8
Buffy and friends must take part in Sunnydale High's talent show1.9
Everyone's nightmares become reality1.10
An invisible girl stalks Cordelia1.11
Buffy learns that she is destined to die1.12
Buffy acts out and vampires try to raise The Master2.1
Bodies of dead girls are being mutilated and reconstructed into the perfect girlfriend2.2
Spike and Drusilla come to town2.3
A mysterious foreign exchange student stays with Buffy2.4
Buffy and Cordelia get in trouble at a frat party2.5
The residents of Sunnydale become the costumes they are wearing2.6
An old friend of Buffy's wants to be a vampire2.7
Giles's past comes back to haunt him2.8
Spike sends assassins after Buffy, just in time for Career Week2.9
Spike tries to restore Drusilla's strength and a new slayer is in town2.10
Buffy's mom's new boyfriend is not what he seems2.11
The students of Sunnydale High become possessed by their Health Class projects 2.12
Buffy celebrates her 17th birthday with Angel2.13
An evil Angelus joins forces with Spike and The Judge2.14
Willow's boyfriend Oz is a werewolf2.15
Xander tries to work a love spell on Cordelia2.16
Jenny tries to restores Angel's soul2.17
Buffy tries to save sick kids from a demon only they can see2.18
A fatal 1955 Sadie Hawkins Dance is reenacted2.19
Xander joins the swim team2.20
Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla try to destroy the world2.21
Buffy and Angelus fight to the death as Sunnydale is sucked into Hell2.22
In LA, Buffy assumes an identity and helps the helpless3.1
Joyce throws a party to celebrate Buffy's homecoming3.2
A new Slayer, Faith, comes to Sunnydale3.3
Bodies are piling up and Oz and the newly returned Angel are suspects3.4
Buffy and Cordelia compete for the crown and Trick hosts Slayer Fest 993.5
Under the influence of chocolate bars, the adults of Sunnydale become kids again3.6
Faith has a new watcher... and she's evil!3.7
Willow and Xander are kidnapped by Spike who wants Willow to make a love potion3.8
Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale3.9
Angel is haunted by the First Evil and his past evil deeds3.10
Mothers Opposing the Occult (MOO) tries to burn Sunnydale witches at the stake3.11
Buffy must undergo a Slayer right of passage on her 18th birthday3.12
Xander tries to stop zombies from blowing up the school3.13
Buffy and Faith run wild in Sunnydale3.14
DescriptionEpisode Title#
Buffy tries to make Faith confess to the accidental murder of a human3.15
Anya and Willow transport Vamp Willow from an alternate universe to Sunnydale3.16
Faith tries to steal Angel's soul so Angelus will kill Buffy3.17
A telepathic Buffy overhears a plot to kill everyone at Sunnydale High3.18
The Scooby Gang steals a mystical box from the Mayor 3.19
Hell hounds are unleashed on the Sunnydale High prom3.20
Buffy tries to kill Faith to save Angel's life3.21
The Mayor's demonic ascension happens during Buffy's graduation ceremony3.22
Buffy has trouble adjusting to college life4.1
Buffy is convinced her roommate is a demon4.2
Spike searches for a gem that will make him invincible4.3
The gang is terrorized when a haunted house becomes all too real4.4
After being dumped by Parker, Buffy turns to beer for solace4.5
Oz hooks up with a sexy she-werewolf4.6
Buffy's 'normal' boyfriend Riley isn't really so normal4.7
Buffy's Thanksgiving dinner is disrupted by killer Native American spirits4.8
Willow's spell backfires and Spike proposes to Buffy4.9
The voices of Sunnydale are stolen by The Gentlemen, demons who are after human hearts4.10
Buffy and Riley join forces to end a coming apocalypse4.11
After drinks with Ethan Rayne, Giles wakes up as a demon4.12
Buffy joins the Initiative but she is not welcomed4.13
Terminator Adam is set loose in Sunnydale4.14
Faith wakes up from her coma, bent on revenge4.15
Faith and Buffy switch bodies4.16
In an alternate universe Sunnydale, Jonathan is king4.17
Buffy and Riley fornicate in a creepy house4.18
Oz returns to Sunnydale seaking Willow's forgiveness4.19
Spike breeds discord among the Scoobies4.20
Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles join forces with the First Slayer to destroy Adam4.21
Buffy and friends are hunted by the First Slayer as they sleep4.22
Buffy faces off with the world's most famous vampire5.1
Buffy's younger sister Dawn writes in her journal a lot5.2
A demon's magic rod splits Xander into two personalities5.3
Riley suffers side-effects from steroid withdrawl5.4
Buffy discovers that Dawn is the Key5.5
Tara's family comes to town5.6
Buffy asks Spike to recount his past and the killing of two Slayers5.7
Joyce discovers she has a brain tumor5.8
A demon that has landed in Sunnydale targets crazy people 5.9
Buffy discovers that Riley has been frequenting a vampire den5.10
Willow accidentally summons a troll from Anya's past5.11
Members of the Watcher's Council blackmail Buffy with information on Glory5.12
The Scooby Gang learns the truth about Dawn5.13
Drusilla returns to Sunnydale to win Spike back5.14
A robot has been programmed only to love her boyfriend5.15
Buffy and friends grieve after Joyce dies5.16
Dawn tries to bring her mother back from the dead5.17
Buffy goes on a vision quest in the desert5.18
DescriptionEpisode Title#
Willow and Tara have their first real fight5.19
The Scooby Gang flees town to keep Dawn safe from Glory5.20
Willow tries to wake Buffy from a catatonic state5.21
Buffy sacrifices herself to save Dawn5.22
The Scooby Gang tries to resurrect Buffy6.1
A traumatized Buffy returns to a Sunnydale under seige by biker demons6.2
Buffy adjusts to living while being haunted by a spirit that came back from the dead with her6.3
Buffy's flooded basement complicates her financial concerns6.4
The Trio makes Buffy relive a day over and over and over again6.5
Dawn hooks up with a vampire on Halloween6.6
The Buffy musical!6.7
Willow's spell makes everyone forget who they are6.8
Buffy and Spike destroy a house while having sex6.9
Willow becomes addicted to magic6.10
The Trio makes Buffy invisible6.11
Buffy makes minimum wage at a suspicious burger joint6.12
The Trio makes Buffy believe that she killed a woman6.13
Dawn accidentally traps Buffy and friends in the Summers house during a party 6.14
Riley returns to Sunnydale with his new demon-hunting wife6.15
Xander leaves Anya at the alter6.16
After being infected by a demon, Buffy believes that she is suffering delusions in a mental institution6.17
A jilted Anya comes back to Sunnydale with a vengence6.18
Willow and Tara are reunited as a couple right before tragedy strikes6.19
A grieving Willow unleashes dark magic against the Trio6.20
After killing Warren, Willow tracks down Andrew and Jonathan6.21
Xander stops Dark Willow from destroying the world6.22
Sunnydale High reopens with demonic spirits in the basement7.1
A giant, underground worm stalks a woman7.2
Willow returns from England but is unable to reunite with her friends7.3
Buffy is the new Sunnydale High School counselor7.4
Anya tries to retract a deadly wish7.5
Buffy and Dawn fall for the Sunnydale High quarterback7.6
Buffy is psychoanalyzed by a vampire and Dawn is visited by Joyce's spirit7.7
Spike is the prime suspect in a series of murders7.8
Spike is held captive in the Summers home7.9
Giles returns to Sunnydale with the first of many Potential Slayers7.10
Buffy fights an Uber-Vamp to teach the Potentials a lesson7.11
Dawn believes that she is a Potential Slayer7.12
After a kiss with Kennedy, Willow transforms into Warren7.13
Buffy dates a Principal and Xander dates another demon7.14
Buffy learns about the creation of the First Slayer7.15
Andrew uses a video camera to document the Slayers for future generations7.16
Principal Wood reveals his orgins and his ties to Spike7.17
An evil preacher named Caleb enjoys killing Potentials7.18
The Potentials turn against Buffy and choose Faith as their new leader7.19
Faith and the Potentials search for a weapon and Buffy confronts Caleb7.20
The end is near and Angel returns to Sunnydale to aid Buffy7.21
Buffy and the Potentials fight the First's army and Sunnydale is destroyed7.22

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