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Each witness is bound by the facts contained in his/her own statement, the facts in the Statement of Facts, and necessary documentation in the workbook. Not bound by facts containe
Testimony unsupported by the facts in a witness' own statement and/or is solely intended to materially strengthen that team's position is unfair extrapolation
Hearsay may be admissible if it was relied upon by an expert witness and forms the basis for the expert's opinion
Relevant evidence may be excluded if it is unfairly prejudicial, may confuse the issue, or is a waste of time
Leading questions are not permitted on direct examination or re-direct examination
In closing argument, an attorney is not permitted to comment on evidence that was not presented or evidence which was excluded by the presiding judge
The question should not be so broad that the witness is allowed to wander or narrate a story
Use of evidentiary or demostrative exhibits not contained in the workbook is prohibited
No motions of any kind are allowed
Use of props, visual and illustrative aids other than what is specified in the workbook is prohibited
Evidence about the character of a party may not be introduced unless the person's character is an issue in the case
Exhibit P1 may not be objected to (the letter)
A lay witness may offer testimony in the form of an opinion based on the common experience of laypersons in the community and of which the witness has firsthand knowledge
In an opening or closing, an attorney is allowed to make arguments from a fair extrapolation of the facts in the workbook

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