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Holes in otic capsule
Thin pigmented roof; area where cerebral spinal fluid is elaborated
Groove between somatic motor column and visceral sensory column
Lateral row of tiny beadlike swellings
Membrane covers surface of brain; carries blood vessels
Third branch of vagus nerve
Canal connecting third and fourth ventricle
Small swellings serially between vertebrae; next to spinal column
Hollow cavity in spinal cord
Hollow cavity in cerebral hemispheres
Passage between third and first two ventricles
Where fourth ventricle occupies medulla oblongata and extends up in cerebellum
A small swelling ventral to anterior end of optic lobes
Walls of brain between cerebral hemispheres and optic lobes
Roof of brain
Floor below brain
Roof of midbrain
Roof of diencephalon
Sides of diencephalon
Floor of diencephalon
Thin membrane; anterior boundary of third ventricle
Thin membrane between anterior base of cerebellum and fourth ventricle
Attached by hollow stalk called infundibulum
The entire free edge of the fornix within the hemisphere
The expanded region of the inner margin of the fimbria
At bottom of orbit; lies on anterior edge of zygomatic arch
Lies above soft palate
Portal exit in rear of abdominal cavity
Openings on inner side
Openings on outer side
Opening into oviduct
Frilly rim of opening into oviduct
Suspends ovary from abdominal roof
Short cord-like that attaches ovary to oviduct
Supports the oviduct
Supports uterine horn
The mesovarium, mesosalpinx and mesometrium
Remnant of embryonic umbilical veins; carried blood from placenta
Connects liver to central tendon and dorsal margin of falciform ligament
Point in stomach where contents from esophagus first enter
Non-functional duct that enters duodenum independently
Ventral branches of nerves from spinal cord
Each root tends to merge into two of these
United division of nerves where peripheral nerves arise

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