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Day bornthe month begins with the 13th letter in the alphabet
His first hit singleThis is very very easy
Do you like Justin Bieber___________
Moviealso his praise
Posted his videosYou go there all the time
Favorite numberless than 10
His favorite coloursthey are 2
ageIt is 2011 now
Favorite candyhe likes this candy so much...
Best celebrity friendsang ''Somebody to love with him''
Favorite foodsHe loves these foods
Second album___________
What time was he born
hand he writes withleft or right
First album___________
Eye colourIf you don't know this you are one stupid Belieber
TV show he guest stared in 2009It's called ''true conert''
Where was he born (country)leaf
Celebrity crushMarried to Jay-Z
Full NameJDB
Best friendHe was in the ''One time'' music video with Justin

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