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Can you name the Queen's songs by their names In Romance Languages?

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Forced Order
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Romance Language TranslationOriginal English TitleAlbum
Regina AssassinaSheer Heart Attack
Eres Mi Mejor AmigoA Night At The Opera
Pequeña Cosa Loca Llamada AmorThe Game
Sota PressióHot Space
Mantente VivoQueen I
Pare A FillQueen II
Agora Estou AquiSheer Heart Attack
Sunt Indragostit De Masina MeaA Night At The Opera
Tu Şi EuA Day At The Races
Qualcuno Da AmareA Day At The Races
Abra Suas AsasNews Of The World
Cine Are Nevoie De TineNews Of The World
Romance Language TranslationOriginal English TitleAlbum
Ne M'arrêtez Pas MaintenantJazz
Sauve-moiThe Game
BalerinăHot Space
É Uma Vida DuraThe Works
Es Este El Mundo Que Creamos...?The Works
Que Vol Viure Per SempreA Kind of Magic
Principi dell'UniversoA Kind of Magic
Omul InvizibilThe Miracle
La Lluvia Debe CaerThe Miracle
Ces Sont Les Jours De Notre VieInnuendo
Amor Demais Vai Te MatarMade In Heaven

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