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What word is derived from the Greek words for “terrible” and “lizard”.
What is Earth’s third largest ocean?
What is the largest city in the world to have been founded as a penal colony?
What is the name for a large fixed window in a flat wall?
EpiPen is a trademark name for a device that delivers what drug?
What does “U.S.S.R.” stand for?
What is the capital of Brunei?
In 1940, who is generally considered to have won for women in Quebec the right to vote and to hold provincial office?
What is the five-letter Latin word meaning “across” that is often used as a prefix in the English language?
In Einstein’s equation E = mc2 , what does the “c” stand for?
In Greek legend, which one of the Titans was punished for his part in their revolt against Zeus by being made to support the heavens?
According to Plato, what island nation once existed in the Atlantic Ocean?
What is the name for the study of chemical substances and chemical processes of living things?
Name the king and primary antagonist in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”
I was the villainous fish in both a 1978 film and a 2010 film. What am I?
What river is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
What is the Spanish word for “cow”?
If you were sitting in your living room “tatting” as you relaxed what would you likely be making?
Which island is the largest of the Inner Hebrides off Scotland?
The phrase, “The big, balding barber of Beantown” is an example of what literary device?
Who was the third wife of Henry VIII of England?
In what U.S. city would I find Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive?
Name the musician who said “Icelandic peoples were the ones who memorized sagas...We were the first rappers of Europe.”
What does the acronym “LCD” stand for?
What is the name for a massive, gravitationally bound system that consisting of stars, stellar remnants, gas, dust, and dark matter?
What was the name of the world’s first successful steam locomotive, built by George Stephenson?
What is the name of the hill upon which the Athenian Parthenon is located?
A person who is suffering from sudden and extensive memory loss is said to have?
What is the fourth book of the Old Testament?
In 1932, which Spanish artist painted “The Dream”?

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