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Forced Order
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A tale of lovers in an Athenian Wood
Who wrote this play?
This lover had Hermia's favor
This lover had Egeus' favor
Loved Lysander
Loved Demetrius
Hermia's Father
Helena's father
Duke of Athens
Wife of the Duke
Turned into a donkey
Played Thisbe
Played Lion
Played Moonshine
Leader of the Play
Fairy Queen
Fairy King
Fairy King's helper
Two men working on a ranch out west
The author of this book
State where this book is set
The decade this book is set in
A river mentioned in the book
The 'special' main character
The normal main character
Owner of the ranch (title)
A mule driver (mule skinner)
Janitor (ranch handyman)
The Boss's Son
This man's wife
Black Stable Hand
Kills Candy's Dog
Lennie's Aunt
Another Ranch Hand
Gun used to kill Lennie
What Lennie is obsessed with
George and Lennie dream to buy...
A book about southern racism
Author of this book
Years this book takes place in
Narrator of the book
Brother of Narrator
Father of Narrator
Family Name
First Finch in History
Friend of Narrator
A Creepy Recluse (nickname)
A Creepy Recluse (real name)
Jem read to her
Narrator's Uncle
Narrator's Aunt
Narrator's Annoying Cousin
Narrator's other Uncle (Francis' father)
Scout's Real Name
Dill's Real Name
Jem's Real Name
Mrs Dubose's Real Name
Scouts Age (approximate)
Jem's Age (approximate)
Black Maid
Arthur's Father
Accused Rapist
Potential Rape Victim
Potential Rape Victim's Father
Potential Rape Victim's Brother
Disperses lynch mob after Scout causes him to have a change of heart
Son of this man
Accused Rapist's Employer
Town Sheriff
Publisher of the town paper
White man with black wife who turns out to always drink coke
A play about a deaf, dumb, and blind girl
The author of this play
Deaf, dumb, and blind girl
Father of this girl
Brother of this girl
Mother of this girl
Teacher of this girl
Teacher's Last Name
Annie's teacher (mentor)
Servant Girl
Servant Boy
French scenes are defined by when people...and...
English scenes are defined by when the...changes
The word Helen understands first is...
The first word Annie teachs Helen is...
Identify the poetic foot (/.)
Identify the poetic foot (./)
Identify the poetic foot (../)
Identify the poetic foot (/..)
Identify the poetic foot (//)
Rhyme Scheme of a Spenserian Stanza
Rhyme Scheme of a Limerick
Rhyme Scheme of an English Sonnet
Rhyme Scheme of an Italian Sonnet
Rhyme Scheme of a Hybrid Sonnet
In the sentence 'I work saturdays' saturdays is a(n)...
In the sentence 'The US elected Obama president' Obama is a(n)...
In the sentence 'I gave the bird food' bird is a(n)...
In the sentence 'I ate the bread' bread is a(n)...
In the sentence 'I sat in the chair' chair is a(n)...
In the sentence 'Jim, come over here!' Jim is a(n)...
In the sentence 'My horse, Seabiscuit, runs fast' Seabisuit is a(n)...
In the sentence 'The dog ate the bone' dog is a(n)...
In the sentence 'England is a country' country is a(n)...
In the sentence 'I have run before' run is a(n)...verb
In the sentence 'I have run before' have is a(n)...verb
In the sentence 'Sam was tall' was is a(n)...verb
The sentence 'Go away you rotten scalywag!' is a(n)...sentence
The sentence 'Wow!' is a(n)...sentence
The sentence 'The dog is fat' is a(n)...sentence
The sentence 'Who are you?' is a(n)...sentence

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