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Can you name the 2016 uswnt team?

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what player is from Arizona?
Who are the captians
What player tied a record for most goals in a game?
who won the golden ball at the she believes cup
Who is the Queen of Nutmegs?
what players are currently prego?
Who won the golden ball at the concaf olympic qualifying
who said ' its like madonna, but Kling'?
Who has a twin?
what is her name?
who is the back up goalie?
Who broke her leg in college?
Who is currently out due to a knee injury?
What player recently got engaged with a football player?
What is leroux`s dog`s name?
Who is Leroux married to?
who hold the record for the fasted goal scored in U.S history?
who was left off the concaf olympic qualifying roster?
who is the youngest player on the team?
who won the Hermann trophy in 2009

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