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18 NFL Quarterback's names are hidding in the sentences below. Can you find them?

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HintNFL Quarterback
The city council agreed to build a levee along the river so flooding could be averted in the future.
Once the staff ordinance was in place, no wizard could carry one longer than six feet, or thicker than one inch diameter.
The Star Trek fans of Louisville, Kentucky, wanted to rename the city as Jean-Luc, KY. Unfortunately for them, their city was not renamed for Captain Piccard.
The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is a representative from his home state of Wisconsin.
Pippin’s pal Merry, joined Frodo and Sam on the journey from the Shire to Rivendale, where the fate of the ring would be decided.
The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team wins tons more often, now that Lebron James has returned from Miami.
The bomber’s tail gunner was manning his post when the fighter planes arrived in attack formation.
Peppa Pig’s friend Rebecca Rabbit loves to eat carrots.
After a messy mishap in the previous semester, Mr Thompson decided to abort lessons in his biology class which involved dissecting frogs.
His twenty year old Honda Accord went zero to sixty in just under eight seconds.
After marrying Scott, Brenda evaluated her life in the pre-Scott era, compared to the post-Scott era.
The advertisement said that with red bra dye, she could turn her white bras to red. But she really had no interesting in doing that.
“Aaah!” She screamed when she saw the newt on her bed. Fortunately it was harmless.
G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown story “The Hammer of God” was named for a blacksmith’s hammer.
Francis Brad owns both the Brad Ford and Brad Honda dealerships.
Saint Germaine Cousin suffered much in this life, but loved God so much that she was named a saint by Pope Pius IX.
After their local team won a second national title, the police were called to calm a riot again.
The peasant asked, “Can you stay, Lord?” But the king declined the offer, and returned to his castle.
The CSX train carried much more intermodal tonnage than dozens of semi trucks.

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