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Forced Order
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The elder, To
my dear friend
Gaius, whom I
Love in the
truth. Dear friend,
I pray that
you may enjoy
good health and
that all may
go well with
you, even as
your soul is
getting along well.
It gave me
great joy when
some believers came
and testified about
your faithfulness to
the truth, telling
how you continue
to walk in
it. I have
no greater joy
than to hear
that my children
are walking in
the truth. Dear
friend, you are
faithful in what
you are doing
for the brothers
and sisters, even
though they are
strangers to you.
They have told
the church about
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your love. Please
send them on
their way in
a manner that
honors God. It
was for the
sake of the
Name that they
went out, receiving
no help from
the pagans. We
ought therefore to
show hospitality to
such people so
that we may
work together for
the truth. I
wrote to the
church, but Diotrephes,
who loves to
be first, will
not welcome us.
So when I
come, I will
call attention to
what he is
doing, spreading malicious
nonsense about us.
Not satisfied with
that, he even
refuses to welcome
other believers. He
also stops those
who want to
do so and
puts them out
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of the church.
Dear friend, do
not imitate what
is evil but
what is good.
Anyone who does
what is good
is from God.
Anyone who does
what is evil
has not seen
God. Demetrius is
well spoken of
by everyone and
even by the
truth itself. We
also speak well
of him, and
you know that
our testimony is
true. I have much
to write you,
but I do not
want to do
so with pen
and ink. I
hope to see
you soon, and
we will talk
face to face.
Peace to you.
The friends here
send their greetings.
Greet the friends
there by name.

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