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Can you name the 4-letter words that make the rungs in this word ladder?

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*** A Gospel Writer ***
To Vomit
To Push or Jab
Modeling Stance
Dwight Schrute's Cousin
Guiding Spirit or Poet
Pungent Glandular Secretion
Face Covering or Disguise
*** A Gospel Writer ***
Mother of Jesus Christ
Fourth Planet from the Sun
Metallica Drummer Ulrich
A Pasture or Lore
Used to Tempt or Attract
*** A Gospel Writer ***
To Dance or Outmaneuver
Amusing Story with a Punchline
Guitarist Feliciano or Baseball's Canseco
Screenwriter ____ Whedon
A Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather This
Catholic Liturgical Service
Ship's Vertical Spar
Greatest in Number
Castle's Protective Ditch
Low, Sustained Cry
Saint ____ of Arc
*** A Gospel Writer ***
Put or Bring Together
Hip Region, or Cut of Meat
Fish Eating Bird, or Crazy Person
Earth Satellite Not Made of Cheese

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