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Can you name the Mackenzie's solos from Dance Moms?

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All's Fair In Love And War2nd Place
Wardrobe MalfunctionDid Not Place
Mackenzie's Time To Shine2nd Place
Tap Versus Hip Hop1st Place
Abby Strikes Back1st Place
Abby Vs. Melissa4th Place
Revenge Of The Replacements3rd Place
Nationals 902101st Place
Maddie Is Back1st Place
Mack Z Vs. Abby Lee1st Place
I Know What You Did Last Competition1st Place
No More Crybabies3rd Place
The Beginning Of The End1st Place
The Battle Begins10th Place
Baby Dance Mama Drama1st Place
Solo Fever1st Place
JoJo With A Bow Bow1st Place
Brooke's Back1st Place
New Girl In Town3rd Place
Stealing The ShowHigh Gold
Where In The World Is Abby Lee Miller?1st Place
Double The Moms, Double The Trouble1st Place
Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't1st Place
Liar Liar Dance Mom On Fire!1st Place
Break A Leg2nd Place
Recital RebellionShowcase
The Big, Not So, Easy2nd Place
No One Is Safe2nd Place
Brooke's Turning Point1st Place
Two Girls, One Solo2nd Place
Nothing's Fair In Abbyville1st Place
Maddie Vs. Mackenzie1st Place
Sister Showdown2nd Place

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