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Can you name the Kendall's solos from Dance Moms?

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The Runaway Mom1st Place
Bye Bye Pittsburgh3rd Place
Abby Vs. Kira5th Place
The Beginning Of The End5th Place
Return Of The Rotten Apples1st Place
Abby Vs. Melissa3rd Place
West Coast Strikes BAck2nd Place
Chloe Vs. Kendall: Round 22nd Place
Where In The World Is Abby Lee Miller?3rd Place
Mini Dancers, Big Problems1st Place
Blame It On The New Girl2nd Place
Abbygeddon7th Place
Abby Flies The Coop3rd Place
The Dancing Dead5th Place
Three Soloists, One Star1st Place
Nia Risks It All1st Place
Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties3rd Place
Abby, You're Fired7th Place
Solo Fever5th Place
The Apple Of Her Eye2nd Place
Two Can Play This Game5th Place
She's A Maniac3rd Place
The Big, Not So, Easy2nd Place
The Great Divide5th Place
Breathless In Denver1st Place
Video Killed The ALDC Star5th Place
Hollywood, Round Two1st Place
Candy Apple Showdown4th Place
No Solo For You9th Place
Fight For Your Life3rd Place
Diva Las Vegas6th Place
Rotten To The CoreDid Not Place
Nia's Last ChanceDid Not Place
Camouflaged Maneuvers4th Place
How Do You Like Them Apples?Did Not Place
Family Comes First2nd Place
Abby Lee Horror Story2nd Place
Wardrobe MalfunctionDid Not Place
Another One Bites The Dust2nd Place
Solo Battle: Round 13rd Place
Here We Come9th Place
Everyone's ReplaceableNot Shown
The Best Is Yet To Come2nd Place
Baby Dance Mama Drama2nd Place
99 Problems But A Mom Ain't One1st Place

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