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Can you name the group dance from each episode of Dance Moms?

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Fight For Your Life1st Place
Under Cheryl's Spell1st Place
Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy1st Place
The Apple Of Her Eye1st Place
Camouflaged Maneuvers7th Place
Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby2nd Place
Big Trouble In The Big Apple1st Place
She's A Fighter2nd Place
Blame It On The New Girl1st Place
New Kid On The Block3rd Place
JoJo Is A No Show1st Place
Diva Las Vegas1st Place
Wildly InappropriateDid Not Place
Hollywood, Round Two1st Place
Brynn's Big Moment1st Place
Worst Birthday Party Ever1st Place
Maddie Vs. Mackenzie2nd Place
One Last Dance1st Place
Do-Si-Do And Do-Si-Don't1st Place
The Runaway Mom1st Place
The Beginning Of The End1st Place
Showdown In Pittsburgh1st Place
Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like Ab-beeDid Not Place
Two Girls, One Solo1st Place
ALDC Does Vegas1st Place
Abby Strikes Back1st Place
Everyone's Replaceable...Even Abby5th Place
Love On The Dance FloorDid Not Place
Mini Madness3rd Place
Abby-Phobic2nd Place
Nia Risks It All1st Place
Clash Of The Chloes1st Place
Chaos At Nationals2nd Place
Nia's Last Chance3rd Place
The Maddie Rumor1st Place
The View From The TopShowcase
The Competition Begins3rd Place
The Great Divide1st Place
JoJo Steals The Show ShowDid Not Place
May I Have This Dance?1st Place
She's A Maniac1st Place
Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure1st Place
Abby Vs. Kira... AGAIN!1st Place
Stamina, Stamina, Stamina3rd Place
Mackenzie's Time To Shine2nd Place
Dance Moms Down Under
Recital RebellionShowcase
Miami Heat Wave3rd Place
Mini Dancers, Big Problems1st Place
Brooke's Turning Point1st Place
Baby Dance Mama Drama1st Place
Nia Vs. Kalani: Winner Takes All1st Place
Clash Of The Dance Moms1st Place
On-Again, Off-Again Abby1st Place
The Best Is Yet To Come1st Place
Lights! Camera! Dance!2nd Place
Abby's Worst Nightmare1st Place
When Stars CollideShowcase
Abby, You're Fired1st Place
There's A New Team In Town2nd Place
Presenting My New Team2nd Place
Wild Wild West CoastDid Not Place
All Choked Up2nd Place
Nia and Kendall Face Off2nd Place
Melissa Pleads The Fifth3rd Place
Nia Saves The Day1st Place
Abby Lee Horror Story1st Place
Decisions Decisions1st Place
Video Killed The ALDC Star1st Place
Abby's Replaceable1st Place
ALDC For Sale?2nd Place
Winner Takes All1st Place
No One Is Safe1st Place
The Big, Not So, Easy1st Place
Three Soloists, One Star1st Place
It's Not Always Sunny In Pittsburgh1st Place
Out With Abby, In With Chloe4th Place
No Solo For You1st Place
Abby's New Beginning1st Place
But I'm A National Champion1st Place
Candy Apple Showdown2nd Place
99 Problems But A Mom Ain't One1st Place
Nationals 902101st Place
Revenge Of The Replacements4th Place
Maddie Vs. Kalani1st Place
Bye Bye Pittsburgh2nd Place
Guess Who's Back1st Place
Maddie Is Back1st Place
Rotten To The Core3rd Place
ALDC Ain't Dead Yet1st Place
Melissa's Announcement2nd Place
No One Likes A BullyDid Not Place
Wingman Down1st Place
Leaving La La Land1st Place
Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties1st Place
The New Maddie?1st Place
West Coast Strikes Back2nd Place
Abbygeddon10th Place
Gone, Abby Gone1st Place
Family Comes First1st Place
Abby's New Favorites1st Place
How Do You Like Them Apples?5th Place
The Return Of Candy Apples1st Place
Sister Showdown1st Place
Breathless In Denver1st Place
Tap Versus Hip Hop1st PLace
It All Ends Here1st Place
Mini Mayhem5th Place
The Recital To End All RecitalsShowcase
Two Teams, Two Studios3rd Place
Mack Z Vs. Abby Lee1st Place
The Fresno Curse1st Place
Dance Moms Down UnderASTRA Awards
New Season, New Rules1st Place
Brooke's Back2nd Place
Chloe Gets Revenge2nd Place
All's Fair In Love And War2nd Place
Chloe Vs. Kendall: Round 21st Place
Same Old Frenemies1st Place
Liar Liar Dance Mom On Fire1st Place
Abby Vs. MelissaNot Shown
The Dancing Dead4th Place
Abby Got Served1st Place
Waiting For Joffrey Did Not Place
JoJo With A Bow Bow2nd Place
Maddie Has A Secret2nd Place
Cheerleader Blues1st Place
New Girl In Town1st Place
You've Been Unfriended1st Place
Bye Bye Baby1st Place
No Clowning Around1st Place
The Battle Begins5th Place
Dying To Dance1st Place
Double The Moms, Double The Trouble2nd Place
No More Crybabies1st Place
Return Of The Rotten Apples1st Place
Break A Leg1st Place
Abby Vs. Kira3rd Place
Bullets And Ballet1st Place
Topless ShowgirlsDid Not Place
The Politics Of Dancing2nd Place
Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too Comfy3rd Place
From Ballerinas To Showgirls7th Place
Revenge Of The Candy Apples1st Place
The Recital To End All RecitalsShowcase
Battle Of The Blondes1st Place
Now You See Abby, Now You Don't1st Place
Cathy Brings It On3rd Place
Here We Come1st Place
Two Can Play This Game1st Place
45 Second SolosShowcase
Debbie Allen To The Rescue1st Place
Solo Battle: Round 11st Place
Kiss Or Get Off The Pot1st Place
Night Of The Living Dancers1st Place
Nothing's Fair In Abbyville1st Place
Mommy Meltdown1st Place
Live From L.A., It's Kendall K1st Place
Wild Wild West Coast4th Place
I Know What You Did Last Competition2nd Place
Watch Your Back, Mack2nd Place
Everyone's Replaceable1st Place
Another One Bites The Dust1st Place
Abby Flies The Coop1st Place
Dance Moms Cares1st Place
Return Of The Minis2nd Place
Judgment Day Approaches1st Place

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