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QUIZ: Can you name the duets and trios from Dance Moms?

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Abby's ReplaceableKalani & Nia
Abby's Worst NightmareKalani & Nia
Clash Of The Dance MomsChloe, Kendall, Nia
The Fresno CurseKalani & Kendall
New Kid On The BlockElliana, Lilliana, Maesi
Revenge Of The Candy ApplesKendall & Mackenzie
Nia and Kendall Face OffJalen, Nia, Simeon
May I Have This Dance?Asia & Nia
Mini MayhemElliana & JoJo
I Know What You Did Last CompetitionChloe & Maddie
Worst Birthday Party EverMackenzie, Nia, Paige
Liar Liar Dance Mom On FireKendall & Maddie
Stamina, Stamina, StaminaCamryn & Kalani
JoJo Steals The Show ShowBrynn & Sarah
All's Fair In Love And WarKendall & Nia
Do-Si-Do And Do-Si-Don'tKendall & Maddie
Presenting My New TeamKalani & Kendall
It All Ends HereChloe & Maddie
Bullets And BalletChloe, Maddie, Paige
The Fresno CurseBrynn & Camryn
The Apple Of Her EyeChloe & Paige
Abby's New BeginningBrynn & Yadiel
New Kid On The BlockBrynn, Kalani, Kendall
Judgment Day ApproachesBrynn & Kendall
Wild Wild West CoastJoJo & Mackenzie
No One Likes A BullyChloe, Kendall, Maddie
Everyone's Replaceable...Even AbbyChloe & Nia
Abby Strikes BackBrooke, Chloe, Paige
On-Again, Off-Again AbbyAsia & Mackenzie
Clash Of The ChloesKendall & Nia
Everyone's Replaceable...Even AbbyCamryn & Kendall
Big Trouble In The Big AppleKalani & Maddie
Big Trouble In The Big AppleChloe & Paige
Brynn's Big MomentJoJo, Kendall, Maddie
Brynn's Big MomentBrynn, Kalani, Mackenzie
Wild Wild West CoastKalani & Sarah
Cathy Brings It OnMackenzie & Nia
Nia Saves The DayKendall & Nia
You've Been UnfriendedNia & Paige
She's A ManiacMackenzie & Maddie
Mommy MeltdownKendall & Nia
JoJo Is A No ShowKalani & Kendall
Wildly InappropriateMackenzie & Vivi
The Competition BeginsChloe, Maddie, Paige
Abby's ReplaceableBrynn & Kendall
Wingman DownChloe & Maddie
She's A FighterMackenzie & Vivi
No One Is SafeChloe, Kendall, Paige
Waiting For JoffreyBrooke, Chloe, Maddie
Mommy MeltdownBrynn & Kalani
Break A LegChloe & Kendall
Mini MayhemBrynn & Lilliana
Stamina, Stamina, StaminaBrynn & Kendall
Do-Si-Do And Do-Si-Don'tAsia & Chloe
Abby's Trash, Cathy's TreasureKendall & JoJo
Miami Heat WaveChloe, Maddie, Paige
Judgment Day ApproachesElliana & Lilliana
Waiting For JoffreyMackenzie, Nia, Paige
The Battle BeginsBrooke, Chloe, Paige
Abby's New BeginningKendall & Will
Return Of The MinisBrynn & JoJo
Return Of The MinisKalani & Kendall
Kiss Or Get Off The PotGino & Maddie
Nia And Kendall Face OffJoJo, Kalani, Kendall
Melissa's AnnouncementMackenzie & Nia
Family Comes FirstChloe & Kalani
Melissa Pleads The FifthChloe, Maddie, Nia
Nia Saves The DayBrynn & Maddie
Abby's Worst NightmareBrynn & Kendall
Abby's Trash, Cathy's TreasureMackenzie & Nia
Wingman DownKalani & Kendall
Boy Crazy, Mom CrazyChloe & Maddie
Melissa's AnnouncementKalani & Maddie
Watch Your Back, MackChloe, Kendall, Maddie
Abby's Trash, Cathy's TreasureKalani & Maddie
It All Ends HereBrooke & Paige
JoJo Is A No ShowBrynn & Nia
Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too ComfyChloe, Kendall, Paige
Melissa's AnnouncementKendall & Maddie
Night Of The Living DancersMackenzie & Nia

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