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Can you name the Riverdale Episodes Cliffhangers?

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Betty is admitted into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and realizes that everyone there is painting pictures of the Gargoyle King
The Black Hood shoots Moose and Midge
Jughead and Betty find out that Polly has escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy by jumping from a window
Jason's varsity jacket hangs in FP's closet
Flashforwards show Bret and Donna identifying Veronica, Betty and Archie as the people they saw kill Jughead
Flashforwards show Betty,Archie and Veronica standing over Jughead's dead body
Jughead bows before the Gargoyle King in the woods
Kevin reminds Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Veronica about the variety show as they meet at Pop's after Jughead's 'death'
Cheryl scribbles Archie and Polly with red marker on the group photo
Alice finds the house burning
Betty arrives home to see Alice cleaning the blood on the floor while kneeling beside a dead man
FP comes out of the woods holding a lifeless Jughead in his arms.
Jughead leaves the Twilight Drive-In
Betty collapses after seeing Juniper and Dagwood float above the fire
Archie and Veronica find Betty in the woods holding a bloody rock, while standing over Jughead's dead body
Geraldine Grundy is killed by the Black Hood
Betty and Jughead open the door to find a VHS tape sitting on the doorstep
Jughead and Betty come up with a plan to save FP and Jellybean from Gladys
Betty goes to Pop's and tells Archie and Veronica how Donna showed up at the clearly looking for her without having been invited
Jughead watches a enactment of Jughead's alleged murder
Moose and Kevin find Jason's dead body in Sweetwater River
Flashforwards show Archie comforting Betty at Pop's
Mayor McCoy, Hiram and Hermione are looking at General Pickens' headless statue in the park
Flashforwards show Betty and FP standing over Jughead's dead body on the coroner's table
Betty burns all the evidence from the Black Hood investigation, except for the hood
Hiram quarantines Riverdale as he raises his glass to the Gargoyle King
Archie is arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock
Sheriff Keller and Mr. Weatherbee take Cheryl in for questioning
Betty and Alice receive a call from Polly, claiming to be at a phone booth off of the Lonely Highway. When they arrive, the phone booth is dismantled and covered in blood.
Flashforwards show Archie, Betty, and Veronica standing around a campfire, barely clothed and covered in blood, while in the present, the gang promises they will be friends forever
Mary Andrews comes to Riverdale
Flashforwards show Jughead's search party in the woods
Pop Tate receives a call from the Black Hood who tells that the people of Riverdale have failed the test
Betty gives the name Nick St. Clair to the Black Hood in order to save Polly's life
Alice wants to sell the house so that she, Polly and Betty can be together at the Farm with the others
Dilton reveals that he saw Grundy's car early morning at Sweetwater River on July 4th
While Alice, Betty, and Kevin ping Polly’s cell phone leading to a discovery in Swedlow Swamp. Jughead alerts Archie to the fact that fires have been started outside their house
The Red Circle records a video as a public message to the Black Hood
Betty and Jughead watch Donna's tape
Flashforwards show Ben confronting Betty which is crying over Jughead's death
As Mary reads Archie's letter for the judge, Archie and Frank visit Fred's grave.
Hal disposes of the stolen case files
Jughead comes up with a plan to expose the Stonies
Tabitha returns to the bunker to find bloody handprints on a completed copy of Jughead’s novel, just as Betty is leaving Pop's with a truck
Ricky takes Jellybean in the woods to meet the Gargoyle King
Betty lies and tells her mother that she took Chic to the bus station
Hermione announces that she will be running for Mayor
Betty learns that Hal was involved in an accident that left no survivors
One year from their final goodbyes, Jughead goes to Pop's to meet Archie, Betty, and Veronica, but they do not show.
Polly, having run away after fighting with Betty, is seen being chased by a truck
At Riverdale General, Ethel bows down before the Gargoyle King
Edgar Evernever and members of the Farm applaud the musical
Polly pulls up at the Thornhill residence choosing to live with the Blossoms
After prom, Archie comes home and finds a videotape of his encounter with the Black Hood after he shot his father at Pop's.
FP finds that Baby Teeth is the latest sacrifice
Jughead and Betty kiss, as Jughead warns Betty to be careful around Chic
Lynette 'Squeaky' Fields, a waitress from Pop's, decides to leave Riverdale and hitches a dangerous ride to California, as Jughead narrates that she never will arrive there
Midge is killed by the Black Hood
The park rangers arrive at Archie’s cabin only to find him unresponsive and seemingly dead after the bear attack
Cheryl is visited by the Black Hood
Archie finds out that Agent Adams isn't real and that it was a test by the Lodges, which he passed
As Betty, Toni, Tom and Alice realize more women are missing from nearby towns, Betty begins to suspect a serial killer is on the loose
Jughead finds out that Jason's grave is empty
Archie and Betty look at each other from their windows after Betty and Jughead and Veronica and Archie break up
Cheryl has been admitted into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy
Betty finds Glen, who tells Alice that Polly’s blood was a match.
Archie heads into the garage, where he remembers the time spent with his father
DuPont takes over Mr.Chipping's class
Fred gets shot by the Black Hood at Pop's
Betty sees the Gargoyle King standing behind Sister Woodhouse
Betty and Jughead watch a re-enactment of Jughead’s story, in which, the students kill Mr. Honey
Ben jumps out of the window and kills himself, while Betty and Jughead watch at Riverdale's General
The police find Clifford's lifeless body
Fred enters Archie's room looking like a prison cell in which Archie works out his aggression on a punching bag while drinking alcohol
Betty receives a call from the Black Hood
Cheryl approaches Kevin about playing Carrie White in the musical
Cheryl and Toni find a snuff film of Jason Blossom's murder
Flashforwards show FP arriving at school and arresting Archie, Veronica and Betty for the murder of Jughead Jones
Betty finds Jughead at Dilton's bunker, playing Gryphons and Gargoyles along with Toni, Cheryl, Sweet Pea and Fangs
Chic creeps over Betty as she is sleeping in her room
Archie puts up a plaque in his father’s honor at the community center
The Black Hood kills the Sugar Man
Betty agrees to stay at the Farm
Veronica joins Jughead in the Blue and Gold to find out who shot her father.
Veronica and Archie tell Betty that FP is being framed for Jason's murder
Archie and Josie kiss

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