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Can you name the answer to 24 trivia questions about the show '24'??

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Forced Order
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Who killed FBI agent Larry Moss in Day 7?
Who was the 'bluetooth man' at the end of Day 5 and the beginning of Day 6?
Who is Jack working for at the beginning of Day 4 after he is fired from CTU?
Where does '24: Redemption' take place?
Who killed CTU agents Ryan Chappelle and Curtis Manning?
What drug was Jack addicted to during Day 3?
What animal attacked Kim Bauer in Day 2?
What was Edgar Stiles' last word?
At what time does Day 1 begin?
Who was the main villain from Day 4?
What part of Chase's body does Jack have to cut off at the end of Day 3?
Who ordered the assassination of everyone that knew Jack was alive after Day 4?
Which fictional country was Omar Hassan president of in Day 8?
After Jack faked his death in Day 4, what name did he go by in the beginning of Day 5?
How many presidents have there been over the course of the series? (spell it out)
What weapon did terrorists use in Day 5?
Who did Jack break out of prison in Day 3?
Throughout the series, CTU agents Richards, Johnson, and Burke were responsible for what at CTU?
Which country's consulate did Jack invade in Day 4?
Who takes over the suicide mission in Day 2 to save Jack's life?
Which Oscar-winning actor portrayed Starkwood executive Jonas Hodges in Day 7?
What sound replaced the regular and silent clock after the assassination attempt on President Palmer in Day 2?
The first silent clock appeared after which character's death?
How long was Jack imprisoned and tortured between Days 5 and 6?

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